Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 | Kebaya Indonesia

In Indonesia Jakarta Fashion Week events or Fashion Week 2012 is widely displayed with the traditional Indonesian clothing. Although traditional feel, dress shows have been modified to suit the times. One is Kebaya performances by young designers from Indonesia. Kebaya is traditional clothes from Indonesia. If you are interested in knowing how beautiful Kebaya from Indonesia, which is displayed at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, please listen to this review.



You need to know beforehand if the first day of the Indonesia Jakarta Fashion Week Fashion Week 2012 or 2012 there are five fashion shows. Everything is done at the Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center. As the opening of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, which features 13 designers showing his latest collection. Among them are two young designers from the Indonesian Fashion Designers Association, David Ferry and Joko Sasongko. They both bring a touch of modern kebaya clothing choices and bold as well as conventional models. An advancement in the use of kebaya. Because kebaya is a traditional Indonesian clothing, which traditionally conventional models and colors may be less attractive to some people. Here is a collection featuring David Ferry kebaya rich detail but still looks elegant and different. Maybe this is a refresher or new innovations in kebaya dress.

In Indonesia Fashion Week event which took place between February 23, 2012 until February 26, 2012, Joko Sasongko also displays her collection on the opening date of February 23, 2012. Joko Sasongko performed with 12 other designers who are members of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs. Joko Sasongkong also one of the designers who show in Indonesia Sunday Kebaya Fashion 2012. He changed the traditional modes into modern fashion.

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